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Our Trial Binder Services

In addition to...

  • Digital Printing (we can number each page of your exhibits)
  • Tabbing (thousands of tabs in stock)
  • Photocopying (standard, color, oversize, 24 hours a day)

our fast, reliable, affordable document service offers our clients trial binder preparation for better and more successful presentations in court.

  • Our company has specialized in creating trial binders for 22 years
  • No project is too big or too small
  • Thousands of tabs and all sizes of binders in stock available
  • Rush overnight and weekend service at no extra charge

The key to success at trial is to be thoroughly prepared. Effective trial preparation includes having a well-developed strategy for presenting the case to the jury and having trial materials ready for display. Both effective execution and preparation require organization and our trial binder services are the key to that.

Especially with today's court schedules being so hectic and scarce, dedicating the necessary time before trial to put together the trial binders correctly will help move the trial and docket along.

Trial Binders Navigates through the Most Critical Aspects of the Case

A Well Prepared Road Map!

It should contain all the relevant documents and it will change throughout the trial. More documents will be added or replaced.

However, a proper trial binder should be well-organized so that the needed documents can be found quickly and easily.

When we create trial binders we can also easily create a CD with pdf's for the Trial Director to display in court.

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