Order Forms

PDF Job Order Forms

Please use the on-line form below for simple service requests, or to request services not indicated on the two pdf forms.

Online Job Order Form

Instructions for Using the Order Form Below
  • Use the on-line form for simple orders only.
  • Give us as much detail about your job as possible.
  • Unless otherwise specifically instructed, all documents will be reproduced in the identical dimensions, bindings and finishes (matte, etc.).
  • If a rush, please indicate as a rush order as well as follow up with a telephone call to our main switch board: 310.788.3481.

Include the following information into the "message" portion of the form:

  • Title of job and/or your file number
  • Date and time and location for pick up
  • Once order is completed, indicate date and time for delivery with address or hold or call when ready
  • Your contact information, including your name, your company name, your contact information, telephone contact and email

For copies, please cut and paste into the message portion and indicate the following:

  • Quantity: # of originals _____, # of copies needed _____
  • Indicate: one-sided, two-sided, or as-is
  • Paper color: black-and-white, color, or other
  • Paper size: 8.5x11, 8.5x14, 11x17 or other
  • Paper type: plain, heavy, or other
  • Finishings: 3 hole punch, 2 hole punch top, staple, collate, no collate