Electronic Data Conversion

Electronic Data Conversion (Discovery)

Summitt Reprographics (L.A.)

Summitt is the industry leader in the digital era, but we also process and export electronically-stored documents to different load files. We will walk our clients through the process and provide consultation as to the best and most cost-effective way to utilize this service.

Summitt Reprographics, situated in Century City in L.A. California, will provide friendly and efficient demonstrations for new users of this service, and our demonstrations are always free of charge.

Summitt will also take your PST files and give them back to you in any format required. We can also put in date order, provide search results and print from any PST or another file type. Please call and we can walk you through this process.

Our company offers you data conversion of any form into a digital document you can easily access and search. Hard copy solutions are also available.

If you have any questions left regarding electronic data conversion, please contact our team.

Efficient and friendly L.A. based sales associates are available to answer questions, give an estimate, or take your order: 310.788.3481.

Excellent Services for

Lawyers, Attorneys and Corporations

We offer our clients the most secure, convenient and cost-efficient digital storage solutions, which include:

  • Secure online document access
  • Online document depository
  • Document archiving services
  • Backfile conversion
  • Disaster recovery and safety from theft, corporate sabotage and other