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What sets Summitt Reprographics apart from its competitors is Summitt's long-standing commitment to innovate the industry via technology demands. Summitt Reprographics has been archiving documents for over 15 years and can assist your company or firm in making this transition an easy one.

Archiving provides our clients with the latest services offered in business innovation. With our archiving service, you can do away with storing paper documents forever. Because of Summitt Reprographics' technologically advanced systems, we are able to expertly scan, archive and preserve ALL of your documents.

What advantage does archiving bring? It means the end of monthly storage fees for your boxes of documents, the end of waiting for your boxes to be delivered from storage, an end to fees to have your box of stored documents delivered to you by your storage facility – It means a greener way of doing business and friendlier way of treating our environment. The technology for a paper-free society is here – there's nothing to wait for.

It may feel uncomfortable to destroy paper documents in favor of archiving, especially since we're all accustomed to physical paper as evidence of our work. But it's not necessary to keep paper documents. Paper waste can be a burden of the past. Let's save some trees together.

The option to store your documents and recall them as needed can be priceless. Losing or forgetting the location of a document can be a burden and an embarrassment in the ever-changing hustle and bustle of the pace of business today.

So many of us have already gone digital, but accessing the technology for which it was originally stored can be a disaster. Because technology is ever-changing, we all find ourselves facing, or we have faced, obsolete methods for recalling our computer-stored documents. Likewise, we are prisoners to the systems for which they are stored, as disks and other drives become obsolete as well, thereby locking us out from accessing our documents when needed. Archiving is different, it gives you the ability to access your documents when needed from anywhere.

Technology evolves, and Summitt evolves with it. With Summitt Reprographics, technology advancements will never be a worry for our clients. Giving our clients the diversity in storage locations means the fail-proof preservation of your important documents and an end to the burden of storing physical documents.

Join us in the revolution of document archiving!

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Call for Summitt to pick up your box/boxes of documents with instructions (see Order Forms). It's that easy.

Summitt Reprographics is featured in an article published on archive security.

ICloud Security Breach – Was Apple Flaw or Hackers Behind Leaks?

Behind Leaks?

The world was aghast, and more than a bit concerned for their own image and content, following the security breaches of Apple iCloud accounts which resulted in the public posting of images meant to be private by its users. The result was a public embarrassment, not only for Apple for the breach of its ICloud security in general, but also to the individuals whose private documents and images were exposed for the world to see. ICloud content leaks have endured recent scrutiny in the press, making this matter worthy of evaluation.

The world took notice of the September 2014 Apple ICloud security breach, wherein leaked nude photos of Hunger Games actor Jennifer Lawrence were stolen from her ICloud account and made public, as well as several other celebrities who suffered the same violation during this incident. Jennifer Lawrence expressed to Vanity Fair in a related interview that the incident amounted to a sex crime.

In the movie Sex Tape, a comedy depicting a couple who accidentally leaks their own sex tape from their ICloud account, we witness yet another possibility of unwanted public exposure of private content stored online. It is true that the movement of paperless storage is widely accepted as a good practice in supporting environmental responsibility, but it is still a fairly new concept and practice.

Safeguards and other security measures are still foreign to the average archiver. Just like anything we do online, from our email to Facebook accounts, security measures are necessary. However, internet content archiving is altogether a new animal, an animal that needs to be tamed. Moreover, the threat of internet hackers is quite real and the risks of such malicious breaches looms over all: every person, business, entity; and not to be excluded, The Pentagon. Being a responsible citizen by utilizing paperless methods to store personal documents and content could leave some feeling punished for the good deed.

The aforementioned September 2014 ICloud security breach had ICloud users in the world nervous for their own ICloud content and security. Questions over Apple ICloud security defects that allowed private content to be leaked, versus hackers, versus user failure, are all fair ones.

Upon evaluation, the answer exposes several interesting possibilities, including Apple's possible failures in its security systems as well as third parties stealing private content.

On the one hand, Apple asserts that the September 2014 security breaches of the ICloud accounts was the work of hackers who gained access to the accounts in the same way any internet account is hacked and was not a reflection on Apple security measures. That statement by Apple defending its security measures as stated may not answer the entire question. Because, on the other hand, it has been speculated that the security compromise came from a theft from within Apple, a leak of the usernames and passwords to a third party who in turn published the private content throughout the internet.

Yet the prevailing opinion, upon examination of the September 2014 iCloud breach, according to Huffington Post blogger, Andre Bourque, is that "...hackers gained access to these images by taking advantage of a flaw in the 'Find My iPhone' feature."

Examining the fault and the breakdown of iCloud security reaches beyond the average or the obvious avenues of investigation and possibilities. The average user would not know to question or understand the potential security breakdowns that could result in a leak.

Several security breakdowns have been established when examining archiving and storing documents on the internet. For example, some users are not sophisticated in implementing proper security measures for this emerging technology, flaws in the archiving service security are possible, hackers and third party insiders could compromise the security of stored online documents, and the like.

That said, what is a consumer to do? It is everyone's goal to be efficient and/or environmentally conscious with respect to paperless storage, but security breaches have some asking if internet storage and archival is safe.

According to Craig Sommerstein, owner of Summitt Reprographics, an established document service company in Los Angeles, bolstering internet security of your archived documents and personal information is essential. Sommerstein adds, "The recent iCloud security breach is unfortunate. But it is a reminder of the security risk with anything you put on the internet. Seeking professional advice or assistance in diversifying security measures is key." Historically known for its document copying and scanning services, Summitt Reprographics's archiving service is the company's fastest growing division, which is attributed to the growing public awareness and support of paperless storage. Craig Sommerstein stresses that a company with knowledge in archiving will understand the appropriate security features to enact to safeguard against a break-in.

These methods include: installing separate security features, limiting document sharing, implementing two-step verification methods, as well as a host of other methods that require a multi-level approach to finding the precise solution for each client.

Andre Bourgue of Huffington Post also urges individuals and businesses to work "with an enterprise storage solution provider would enable your company to set up customized, well protected systems that will thoroughly meet your business needs."

Seeking the services of a professional in the document archiving and storage industry will make services available as well as security features that pays you back with peace of mind, a value that cannot be measured when it comes to your sensitive documents and images.