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For more information on Summitt Reprographic's services, please call for a free estimate. Efficient and friendly sales associates are available to answer questions, give an estimate, or take your order: 310.788.3481.

Custom and special orders are Summitt's specialty, call if your service needs do not appear to be listed on this website, as custom orders are Summitt's standard practice.

About Craig Sommerstein

The Founder of Summitt Reprographics

Craig Sommerstein is Summitt Reprographic's founder and CEO. Having worked for multiple legal services businesses prior to founding Summitt Reprographics in 1993, he noticed a need in the industry. Creating Summitt Reprographics was his solution to the problem. Craig envisioned fast, reliable, affordable document services, with constant expansion of technology according to his clients' needs and the ever-changing landscape of business evolution. The goal was to enhance the industry by updating the technology as the needs expanded. What came from that focus is Summitt Reprographic's state-of-the-art document services facility.

Summitt started as a trailblazer in the industry by offering the then newly introduced document CD-ROM scanning. Craig set out to bring his clients an easier and more efficient way to search their documents, instead of sifting through box after box. This innovation is the passion that drives Summitt.

Craig has consistently expanded Summitt's document services and is considered a trailblazer in the latest technology offered. To that end, Craig is proud to offer Summitt's document archival services.

Over 20 years ago, with Summitt's launch into the document reprographics industry, Craig sought to discover, and thus share, better, less expensive and faster ways to do things. Summitt Reprographics has advanced in accordance with the needs of the business community and will continue to evolve with it every step of the way.

Craig is proud of Summitt's archive services which he developed as part of his commitment to innovate the industry.

The days of storing documents, paying costly storage fees and wondering if your documents remain confidential in a storage unit somewhere, are over. Craig aspires to give his clients a greener, less expensive and more efficient way to store documents through Summitt's archive services.

Craig is always exploring better and more efficient document services for his clients. As such, he sees custom orders as a challenge and an opportunity to learn and expand services for the growing business needs and changing demands of high-output and high-volume services.

Summitt Reprographics has been committed to the business community of Los Angeles for over 20 years.

What makes Craig a standout is his innovative way of understanding the industry, his advanced technological savvy and his sheer will to be the best and to bring his clients the best. Summitt Reprographics is a one-stop document service company. With outstanding service, quality, prices and know-how, Summitt has no equal, when it comes to innovative document and archiving services.